Friday, April 15, 2011

Green Bean Salad with Salsa Fresca

This week's recipe swap was side dishes.  Jacob isn't really a fan of side dishes, he'd definitely rather eat more of the entree than worry about a side.  So it was nice to break away from the standard side salad.

I was sent a recipe for Green Bean Salad with Salsa Fresca from RedKitchensRock.

I thought this recipe sounded great and have never made my own salsa from scratch, so was excited to get started.

I was in kind of a rush since Jacob had already started grilling the entree from dinner so I threw everything in a food processor.  I learned that this was a huge mistake because the salsa became super fine instead of the amazing chunky salsa that I saw on the example picture.

I used feta cheese and am still getting used to the pungent taste of feta as well.  Our store didn't have a very good variety of cheese though, so my options were limited.

I have to say that the dish tasted okay, but I think I made those two major errors: 1) making the salsa too fine and 2) using feta instead of goat cheese.  My problems with the dish stemmed from these problems just because it became super hard to eat.  The salsa was too fine and slid off the green beans and the feta just seemed like it didn't mix well with the other ingredients and overwhelmed everything to me.

I think I'm going to put this one back on rotation and take better care of my ingredients the next time I make it.

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  1. Love the colour of those beans! Thanks for linking up. Happy Easter