About me

Hi, I'm Jenna, welcome to my blog! My dad was in the Air Force while I was growing up, and I am now married to an Air Force man named Jacob.  So I guess you can say I'm a lifer in military dependency. I'm a transportation engineer by day and in my spare time I love to look at recipes and plan what new things I can try cooking. 

I didn't really cook until I reached college, and even then had a lot of cooking mishaps.  The mishaps may have come from my inexperience cooking, but sometimes they came from cooking at high altitude.  Now that I'm married, there is someone else to eat my cooking, and I don't have to get stuck with leftovers for two weeks, so now I'm expanding my cooking horizons even further.

We moved from Wyoming to New Jersey in the summer of 2012 and now, with more ingredients at my disposal than in Wyoming, we're trying even more new recipes.

Thanks for visiting my blog, please buckle up and we'll enjoy the journey together!

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