Friday, September 14, 2012

Oatmeal Caramelitas- Guest Post for Christine's Kitchen Chronicles

I know Christine from Christine's Kitchen Chronicles through on online food forum that I post in during the day.  When she asked for guest posters while she went on a trip, I thought it'd be fun to help since I had fun posting for A Taste of Home Cooking back in August.

I found these Oatmeal Caramelitas on Pinterest, and they are fantastic.  Head over to Christine's blog to see the recipe for the Oatmeal Caramelitas, and to make them for yourself.

While you're there, check out her other recipes.  I can't wait to try to make Foccacia for panninis, or her Vanilla-Peppermint Cupcakes for Christmas.

Thanks Christine for letting me be a part of your guest posts!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe and being a guest poster on my blog. Please let me know if you ever need me to return the favor :).